Monday, June 13, 2016

NSDLD Cover of the Day: "The Man in Me" by Jeff Bridges with Jackson Browne

Who can forget the classic moment in The Big Lebowski when The Dude soars over the city to the sound of His Bobness singing "The Man in Me"? Not me, and evidently not Jeff Bridges, who has taken to covering the song in his sets when he's out moonlighting as a country-rock crooner. The version here features harmonies from Jackson Browne, and comes from a benefit Browne headlined for The Sanctuary Centers of Santa Barbara*, a housing and treatment center for severely mentally disabled persons. Bridges introduces it by saying "This one's for the Dude"--I couldn't agree more.

The Man in Me - Jeff Bridges w/ Jackson Browne

Thanks Scooter123 for the recording!

*The web page for this worthy charity is at who donates gets free downloads on this site for life.

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