Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jeff Tweedy Will Be Your Baby Tonight

Some background: in 2007, a good friend of mine was working on Todd Haynes' brilliant Dylan non-biopic I'm Not There. Knowing my intense interest in all things Dylan, she sent me a disc of MP3s (which were all she could get) containing rough mixes of music intended for the soundtrack, on the condition that I keep them to myself. As it turned out, much of this music wasn't used in the film or released on the soundtrack CD. Recently, I asked if it was okay to share now, and she said it was.

Jeff Tweedy's cover of "Simple Twist of Fate" made it onto the soundtrack; his version of "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" did not, and I don't believe this outtake has made it into circulation; nor can I find any live Tweedy or Wilco performance of this song. It's a straight take-off of Dylan's original arrangement, with a typically sweet Tweedy vocal.

I'll be sharing other rarities, covers and the like in this space, so check back. Comments are encouraged and will help me gauge whether there is enough interest to keep this going.

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight - Jeff Tweedy