Monday, July 25, 2011

Name That Singer: Uncredited "I'm Not There" Outtake

As I detailed in my earlier post about Jeff Tweedy's I'm Not There outtake of "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight," I came into possession of a collection of MP3 rough mixes from that film while it was in production. Some of it ended up on the soundtrack, some didn't. And some of it was poorly labeled, including this version of "Highway 61 Revisited," which does not name an artist on the tracklisting. It is not the version by Karen O and the Million Dollar Bashers that is on the soundtrack: this version features a male vocalist. I have no idea who it is.

This is where you come in, dear (ahem) readers. Download it, give it a listen, and see if you can identify the artist in the comments section. The correct answer will be chosen by acclamation. First person to get it right gets the honor of being the first person to get it right. Good luck!

UPDATE: Apparently, this is Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth; the first person with the correct answer prefers to remain Anonymous (and probably Masked ).

Also included this time out is a cover of "In the Summertime" by reader Ron Freeman and his band the Revelators. It was recorded for a Dylan cover contest at the time of I'm Not There's release, but according to Ron the contest website disappeared before the prize was ever awarded. Anyway, it's pretty darn good, and a song (from Shot of Love) you rarely hear covered--so give it a shot (of love).

Highway 61 Revisited

In the Summertime


  1. You folks aren't pulling your weight--95 downloads so far and not even a guess who the singer is? C'mon, get on the ball.

  2. H61R voice sounds familiar, cant'place it tho, but, as good a version as I have heard...I will guess at Cilla Black

  3. A couple of readers have emailed to tell me that the singer is Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo, and lo and behold the voice matches, so there it is.

  4. Still hoping for more from I'm Not There. Thanks.